Keep Your Basement Dry With Basement Repair in Hagerstown, MD

Home and business foundation problems in Hagerstown, MD, happen for any variety of reasons although many of them are caused by water somewhere along the way. For example, excessive rain water shedding off the house can wash away the supporting soils under the foundation. As the soil loosens the weight of the home causes it to shift on this slick mud. Correcting the cause of the problem is often easy, you simply repair the drainage system so the water runs away from the house. Unfortunately, repairing the foundation problems are a bit more difficult.

As a home shifts the materials it is built from will settle into place. This is a normal occurrence, but when that shifting is caused by a moving foundation the home’s construction materials don’t have enough give to allow them to adapt. This extra stress can cause warping in the walls, doors will begin to stick and windows that resist opening or closing and a serious need for Basement repair in Hagerstown, MD. To repair the problem foundation experts like Keystone Foundation Repair Inc. will need to survey the home, assess the damage and develop a plan of attack. In most cases they will need to raise a portion of the building to get the home properly leveled.

With slab foundations raising the building is a difficult enough task. The contractors will use a hydraulic jacking system to lift the building and fill underneath it. If there is no support left under the home they may have to drive piles into the ground to support the foundation. In other cases your Basement repair in Hagerstown, MD can be a relatively easy fix. The technicians will remove the edge of the basement floor to install a drainage pipe. This pipe will all run to one single point that is lower than any others. This gives the water somewhere to go as it accumulates in the drain. Once it is collected this water can be pumped out of the basement. Perhaps the easiest basement repair is waterproofing the walls. Most basement walls will collect some water, but the right sealant can block this water from seeping into your walls and furniture.


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