Keep Your Dog Relaxed with an In-Home Pet Sitter

by | May 13, 2015 | Pets

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Some dogs, especially the smaller breeds or senior canines, can be very susceptible to stress and anxiety in new situations. They don’t like a change in routine and prefer sticking to a solid schedule. Occasionally you may be required to travel away from home for an extended period of time for work, school, pleasure or an emergency. Unfortunately, your dog may not be able to come along with the family. In this case, your best option is through pet sitting in New York. This service is great for the sensitive dog that would not do well in a kennel setting and it can easily give you the peace of mind you need while you attend to obligations away from home.

Reducing Anxiety with Familiar Surroundings

Pet sitting is done in your home, where your dog has access to everything familiar. All of his toys, bedding and regular furniture is here. There are no new smells, no strange dogs, no scary noises, and nothing to send him into a panic. Senior or special needs dogs benefit greatly from this especially if they have had stressful situations in the past. Being adopted from a shelter, being abandoned or being passed through a few different families can all weigh on a dogs mind. If you take him to a kennel for boarding he may feel that you have abandoned him and will not be returning. If, on the other hand, he is still with everything he knows, he will remain much calmer and happier until you return home.

Letting Your Dog Meet the Sitter

With a pet sitter, your dog can meet the stranger in advance and get to know them over time. The sitter will introduce themselves to your dog with a friendly gesture and some pleasant words. They may even offer your dog his favorite treat or play with a toy. This is a great way to instantly bond with even the most stand-offish of canines, and provides your dog with a familiar face when the time comes for you to leave. While you are away the sitter will attend to your dog’s needs, make sure he has food and water, will provide mental stimulation through toys or some training, and will take him for walks when needed. You can focus on your business away from home and never have to worry about your furry friend. When you return home, you will find that your dog is much happier and less stressed than he would have been if you took him to an unfamiliar boarding facility.

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