Leash Training Your New Puppy

The first thing after you have finished loving the new puppy to death is to get it accustomed to pretty dog collars. In some cases your puppy may already be comfortable with a collar as many breeders use different color collars to help them identify the dogs in the litter so when you bring your new puppy home, you don’t have to be concerned with phase one, which is getting it comfortable with a collar.

Puppies relate to positive reinforcement, not brute strength so make sure that the collar he has or the collars you buy as it grows fit well and neither put stress on the dogs’ windpipe or loose enough to allow the pup to slip out of it. To leash train a new puppy it needs a fair amount of practice, this is where positive reinforcement comes in, praise your puppy when it does something right as it will soon learn to repeat the action for additional praise and reward.

It is especially important that you buy pretty dog collars and get to leash training if the puppy is a large breed. As a large dog can do serious damage to both you and itself when it tugs and yanks, it is imperative that they learn while you can still exercise control. As the puppy grows, continue to check the collar size, when you can no longer slip two fingers under the collar comfortably, it is time for a new one. Two fingers is the accepted rule so to speak on size, it will not allow the dog to slip its collar and it will not choke the dog either. If you are looking for harnesses and collars for your dog, then contact 2 Hounds Design who will provide you with the best products.

The dog needs to learn to heel, this is when the dog walks at your side, slightly behind you. To begin the training, walk in a straight line, when the puppy starts wandering off, do not tug on the leash, turn around and walk in the opposite direction. In this way the dog will soon learn that it is supposed to follow you. If the dog pulls on the leash, stop dead in your tracks, in this way the dog knows that it will go nowhere if it carries on like this, pulling doesn’t work is the message you are sending to the dog.

Once you have successfully trained your new dog to walk on a slack leash, you can pamper it and yourself by buying pretty dog collars and matching leads to use when you go for a stroll.

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