Levels of Care Provided by Home Health Aide Agencies in Philadelphia, PA

Jan 08, 21 Levels of Care Provided by Home Health Aide Agencies in Philadelphia, PA

Home health aide agencies in Philadelphia, PA may provide a range of care for different levels of need. Typically, the workers include home care companions, nursing assistants, and licensed nurses. They offer service according to each customer’s preferred schedule.

Service by home health aide agencies in Philadelphia, PA, could be provided for a short term, such as while a person recovers from an operation. In contrast, long-term care also is available. This allows people with chronic disabilities to continue living at home instead of having to move to a nursing care facility.

Nurses visiting patients at home could be registered or licensed practical nurses. Nursing assistants, also called nurse aides, offer some of the care that nurses do, but they have more basic duties. For instance, these workers might check a patient’s vital signs, such as heart rate and blood pressure. They help with bathing, hair washing, and nail trimming.

Nursing assistants may be tasked with duties that home care aides do, and home care companions also might complete the duties of nurse assistants. Primarily, companions enhance each client’s health, safety, and well-being. Simply being present gives the person someone else to chat with and feel a sense of emotional connection. The two might do mentally stimulating activities, such as discuss news articles or put jigsaw puzzles together. Clients with sufficient mobility can be chauffeured by the companion to appointments, the grocery store, and the library.

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