Living With a Roommate: Living in Apartments Near University Of Alabama

Jul 31, 20 Living With a Roommate: Living in Apartments Near University Of Alabama

Getting along with your future college roommate can make or break your college experience. If you’re moving to a student apartment near the University of Alabama, consider these next few tips when it comes to creating a positive living environment!

Find Common Ground

Befriending your roommate is one of the best courses of action you can take. It will make interactions less awkward. You will also have a much better college experience. Not to mention, you’ll never feel alone. College can be isolating, so surround yourself with positive influences who will make the college experience unforgettable.

Learn to Resolve Conflicts

Like with every relationship in your life, conflicts will arise. It may be tempting to avoid them, but this can cause you to resent your roommate. Tackle problems immediately and remain open and honest about how the encounter has affected you. Make sure to use ‘I’ language and not ‘you’ language so they don’t feel attacked when you speak your peace.

Be Open to Their Needs Too

However, don’t let anyone walk all over you. Be open about your needs. Also, listen to what they expect out of a roommate too. For instance, if you don’t want anyone touching your food, make that fact known. Inversely, if they don’t want guests over too late, try to respect their wishes.


Looking for apartments near the University of Alabama? You need something that’s close to campus, comfortable, and cozy. If you’re struggling to find a new place to call home, consider Lark in the Woods. You can learn more about their amenities, and floorplans by visiting their website today.

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