Make Sure Your Expectations are Right When You Get Eyelid Surgery in Glenview

Jan 30, 18 Make Sure Your Expectations are Right When You Get Eyelid Surgery in Glenview

Cosmetic procedures can do wonders for boosting self confidence and can help turn back time and stroke your body to a younger look that was lost years ago. They range from tummy tucks and facelifts to more specialized treatments like breast augmentation or eyelid surgery. Here at The Art of Eyes, we have been offering quality treatments that include eyelid surgery in Glenview for many years. However, we encourage everyone who is considering this or any other cosmetic procedure to keep an open mind and to be sure that their expectations are right when they choose a procedure.

The Right Expectations Ensure Better Results

We all have been waiting for a surprise or big event and when things finally happen, we end up being disappointed and let down because it did not live up to our expectations. It is important to ensure this does not happen with your treatments. Going into any cosmetic surgery with the right expectations will help you see better results in the end and help you feel more satisfied with the results. You need to know what can and cannot be accomplished with any procedure you are considering.

Eyelid Surgery and Preparing for the Procedure

One of the biggest things we stress to our patients before they have any procedure done, but especially one that involves the delicate skin of the face and eyes, is that it will look worse before it looks better. Even with the most skilled surgical team, there is going to be some degree of bruising, swelling, and discoloration with eyelid surgery. The sensitive skin around the eyes will swell with fluid and can easily bruise, but these side effects are often short lived and are fully cleared up within a month.

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