Make Sure Your Vehicle Drives Smoothly With Car Transmission Repairs in Katy

by | Jan 2, 2015 | Automotive

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Your car, truck or SUV is a complicated piece of technology with thousands of moving parts and many of those are in the transmission. Things get even more complicated when the vehicle is a four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive because of transaxles, transfer cases and multiple drive shafts. When the transmission begins to fail or completely gives out, your car can be in for some very expensive repairs. Thankfully, you can avoid some of these problems with some simple service by an expert in Car Transmission Repairs in Katy.

One of the most important functions that your mechanic can provide is routine fluid changes and filter cleaning. In most transmissions, the filter is located inside the unit. The mechanic will need to pull the pan loose to access it. This means that all the fluid will drain so this job is a bit messy. Many transmissions don’t have a fluid plug like the engine oil pan does. The other service that they can perform is known as a fluid flush. This job starts out like the filter/fluid change, but the mechanic will flush fresh fluid through the transmission to wash out the internal channels. This removes any sludge that may build up inside. Both of these maintenance procedures can add thousands of miles to the service life of your transmission.

When regular maintenance no longer helps, your automatic transmission may begin to slip, fail to shift properly or make any number of strange noises. This usually indicates it is time for a replacement. The most common way to fix a damaged transmission is with a factory rebuilt replacement because this offers the most reliable repair at the most reasonable price. It is possible to get some shops to rebuild the transmission instead, but it takes a really good mechanic to perform a reliable rebuild.

Automatic transmissions have some very intricate, internal parts that must be put back in a specific order for everything to operate as required. If your vehicle is feeling sluggish, making odd sounds while driving, shifting improperly or slipping then you need to contact an expert in Car Transmission Repairs in Katy. You can find some of the best at repair shops like Universal Transmissions.

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