Make The Most Of Outdoor Living With New Awnings

One of the wonderful things about living in the Northwestern United States is that you get to enjoy beautiful, warm but somewhat humid summers. In addition the area has some of the most amazing spring and fall weather and having outdoor living space to enjoy it all is a must. Awnings on Long Island, NY are very popular as a great looking, practically and very easy to maintain way to provide shade and enhance your deck, patio or any outdoor area.

Cost Savings

While many people only consider the ability of awnings for Long Island, NY as a way to keep the outdoor areas shady and cool they may not realize there are additional benefits. By installing awnings over doors and windows, particularly those facing the west and the east, you will actually lower your cooling costs in the summer. Keeping the air conditioning bill low is certainly a big consideration for most homeowners and this is a highly effective option.

The reason that east and west doors are so problematic is because these are the sides of the house that will have the most direct exposure to the sun. According to the Department of Energy in the USA having awnings will help decrease the temperature increase by direct sunlight by up to 77% just by keeping those windows in the shade.

Keep Cool Outdoors

Sitting outside in the summer is a great way to spend the afternoon or the entire day. With awnings Long Island, NY residences can be outdoors without sitting directly in the sun. In addition the awning is much larger than a simple beach umbrella, giving you room to stretch out, play games with the family or just enjoy the shade doing your favorite activity.

Plants will also love being sheltered from the direct glare of the hot summer sun. With awnings Long Island, NY homeowners can plant a wide variety of flowers and greenery that can be provided with just the right amount of sunlight for optimum growth.

The benefits to having awnings for Long Island, NY homes go farther than just providing a bit of much needed shade. With a multiple colors, styles and designs available they will make a beautiful addition to your outdoor living space and allow you to enjoy the amazing summer season.

For additional outdoor living space even in the hot summer season awnings in Long Island, NY are a must. For more information on our awnings visit our website.


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