Marine Supply for Spearfishing and Fly Fishing Gear in Honolulu

Jan 24, 20 Marine Supply for Spearfishing and Fly Fishing Gear in Honolulu

If you’re into spearfishing, scuba diving and even fly cast fishing, there’s a store that has rows of shelves of supplies you’d want to check out. We’ve grown our supply and business serving communities in Hawaii since 1993.

If you’re new in the neighborhood, it makes sense to drop by and look through our inventory of marine supply in Honolulu for fishing or hunting.

We at J Hara Store carry multiple brands that help support the fishing and hunting industry in our community in Hawaii such as Bohning, Easton, PSE and Yozuri. We’re the go-to shop for your varied fishing and hunting needs whether you’re a complete beginner exploring the activity for the first time or a pro looking for a specific item.

We are the top-of-the-line outdoor sporting equipment store with a very wide selection of products to choose from whether you’re in the Big Island or in Oahu.

Because we’re family-owned, you’re getting a personalized welcome and help when you come by our shop to look around or to just ask us what we think of certain products you’re considering.

Our inventory is competitively priced whether for fishing supplies, hunting gears, marine equipment, guns and archery set up. We’ve got someone in the store who can help you get what you need to save you time.

Whether you need rods, reels, fishing line, tackle, trolling skirt and heads or even boat equipment, we’ve got something for you to get you out into the water fast.

So if you’re looking for marine supply in Honolulu for spearfishing or fly fishing, give us a call at 808-966-5462.

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