Mark Schneider, award winning designer of engagement rings

A Mark Schneider engagement ring will put you among the elite who wear a ring on their finger that comes from a man who has been honored in excess of 60 times for his brilliant designs. Mark is a great believer in simplicity in his designs, focusing on fluid lines. Mark does more than design engagement rings, he designs wearable art.

Engagement rings and wedding rings have different meanings, an engagement ring is worn prior to a legal ceremony of marriage; often they are purchased well before the wedding, the engagement ring can be a standalone ring or it can be part of a set where the engagement ring and wedding ring are complimentary to each other. Engagement rings have the tendency to be the flashier of the two and as they often include precious gems, they are also more expensive.

Way back in history it was a custom for a groom to give their bride a gold band to indicate their engagement and once they were married, the gold band was followed by an iron wedding ring that symbolized the binding agreement between the couple that the groom exercised ownership over his wife. This custom has long since been shed and today the meaning is different.

Today, a Mark Schneider engagement ring is an indication that a woman has committed to marrying, the ring is a non-verbal way of stating her commitment to her fiancée. The commitment is supposed to have no end, the same as the ring, it has no end either. The Mark Schneider engagement ring signifies an intention to wed, the wedding rings which are exchanged on the day of the wedding signify that the couple is now legally married and that a ceremony of some sort has taken place in front of someone who can legally join a couple in matrimony.

A lavish ring is often associated with the love that one feels for another and that the wearer will express deep love and devotion. Many people expect the engagement ring to be quite ostentatious and the wedding ring to be more conservative, but this is not a desire subscribed to by many young couples who wish to make a statement of financial stability and solid financial footing.


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