Meeting Criteria for Off-Campus Housing near Colorado State University

Apr 30, 21 Meeting Criteria for Off-Campus Housing near Colorado State University

When you are ready to move into your first apartment, you may look forward to living independently and having more freedom than what you could get in a dorm. However, before you can move into one, you have to meet certain criteria first.

As you fill out the application and take a tour of the place, you may wonder what requirements will be expected of you. You may need to show income and rental history for the off-campus housing near Colorado State University.

Sufficient Income

When you apply to live in one of these units, you must show that you make enough money to pay the rent on time each month. Most rental companies want tenants to make at least three times the amount of rent that is due.

With that, you may be required to show proof of your income and how often you get paid each month. If you are not employed, you may need to use sources of income, such as your financial aid and money that you get from your family, to show that you can pay the rent on time.

You also will be required to provide some sort of rental history to the landlord. If you lived in a dorm, you can provide your rental history from the university’s residential life department.

You can find out more about moving into off-campus housing near Colorado State University online. Contact The Cottages of Fort Collins for more details about off-campus housing.

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