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Apr 16, 18 Outdoor Pest Control Longmont CO

Mosquitoes, ants and other insects can be a nuisance during the spring and summer. If a restaurant has a deck attached to it that is used for outdoor dining, eliminating pests is important so that guests can enjoy their meals without being inconvenienced. The tips below can be used for effective Pest Control in Longmont, CO.

Inspect Property And Apply Pesticides

The outdoor property should be inspected to determine where pests are congregating. If water has pooled on surfaces, mosquitoes may use the water as a breeding ground. If a lawn surrounds a deck, ants and anthills may be spotted.

After identifying the types of pests that are present, pesticides should be purchased. If a business owner is concerned about using pesticides that contain harsh chemicals, they can choose products that are environmentally friendly, and that will not damage grass or plants. Pesticides should be applied evenly to areas where pests have been congregating.

Place Trash In Sealed Containers And Clean The Deck

Food scraps and other waste items that are going to be thrown away should be secured inside of bags before placing bags in sealed containers. If a dumpster is used to hold trash, the container should be located near the edge of a piece of property.

After each dinner service, dishes and leftover food should be removed before cleaning surfaces. A deck’s surface should be swept daily and a disinfectant needs to be applied to nonporous surfaces each week.

Cut Grass And Remove Branches

Keeping grass cut will eliminate spots for insects to burrow and will also improve the view surrounding an outdoor eating area. One day should be set aside each week to cut grass. During this time, weeds should be eliminated as well. Weeds can be pulled by hand if there aren’t too many. Otherwise, a weed cutting machine should be used to cut weeds.

If plants are growing next to a deck, dead branches should be removed from them on a routine basis. For additional assistance with Pest Control in Longmont, CO, contact Wards Lawn Service or another pest control company.

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