Points to Consider When Choosing Among Bankruptcy Law Firms in Henderson, NV

Once you have decided that it is in your best interests to file bankruptcy, your next step is to confirm your decision and seek the assistance of a seasoned attorney from one of several bankruptcy law firms that specialize in the law regarding filing for a Chapter 7, 11 or 13. It usually is not the best idea to represent yourself, so hiring a Henderson bankruptcy attorney who can look out for your best interests when filing for bankruptcy is key to getting your best foot forward for a fresh start.

One of your primary considerations might be overlooked precisely because it is the most obvious one you need to discuss when “shopping” bankruptcy law firms in Henderson, and that consideration is, how much will it cost? Perhaps one of the central ironies of filing for bankruptcy, which is a legal way of saying that you have no money to pay your debts immediately, is that it costs money. There is also a fee for hiring a bankruptcy lawyer, but an attorney whom you can trust and with whom you feel comfortable who specializes in bankruptcy law will likely save you money in the long run by reducing and discharging more of your debt than you could have done on your own.

Ask questions about not only how much they charge—ask for an estimate—but also how they charge. Do they charge by the hour or a flat fee? Also make sure you understand how they will bill you. Will the bill itemized? Can you pay over a period of time?

Other questions you might consider when you are vetting bankruptcy law firms in Henderson, NV include finding out who performs the bulk of the work. Will a bankruptcy lawyer be handling your case, or will a paralegal handle much of the duties? Each has advantages and disadvantages; the benefit of the latter is that it usually costs less. Find out what kinds of cases the bankruptcy law firm has worked in the past and if they have done many that are similar to your specific situation. How long has their practice been pursuing bankruptcy cases? What is their history in court? What kinds of results do they have?

In any event, do not feel embarrassed to openly discuss your case, and ask as many questions as you need to in order to build a level of confidence in the bankruptcy law firm that best suits your needs and a lawyer whom you feel at ease with and who you can fully trust. The need for total transparent disclosure with your bankruptcy attorney is critical. None of the bankruptcy law firms will be able to help you to their fullest potential if you withhold information or are not totally honest with them. Once you find an establishment in the Henderson area that suits you, let your bankruptcy lawyer take over the heavy work, and make yourself as available as you possibly can to them.

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