Practice Tips for Co-driving Mentors

by | Feb 6, 2015 | Articles

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If you are assisting someone to practice for their drivers license in Nova Scotia area it is a good idea to be prepared with these practice tips:

  • Watch for Danger: Make sure you are watching for danger. As the co-driver you are in a better position to keep an eye out for sudden changes. Make sure you do not shout out. Instead make basic guiding comments such as “Okay there is a car waiting to pull out ahead” or “Watch for the kids on their bikes”. If you shout out you could make the driver panic and swerve.

  • Have a Plan: Plan a route before you head out. This way you will be able to give them instructions to follow the planned route. Make sure you are giving them time to make changes so they are prepared to make a turn or stop.

  • Choose a few Skills: Think of a few skills you want to focus on for each practice drive. For example you might want to go out one day to help the driver learn how to signal and change lanes. This will address a number of skills such as using their mirror and checking for blind spots. If you try to do too many things at once it will be difficult for the new driver to remember everything and also make them nervous when trying to follow so many different instructions.

  • Be Reasonable: Avoid moving onto busy roads before the driver is ready. Driving should never be a sink or swim learning situation. It can be very dangerous to force a driver to practice something they are not ready to try. Avoid putting them into a situation they will be ill prepared to handle. Instead discuss where they feel they need help, or having observed their driving make suggestions as to where you think they could use some help.

  • Pull Over: Be prepared to have the driver pull over when something goes wrong. This will allow them to calm down but also give you the chance to review what has happened and offer tips. Once everything is covered make sure the driver feels confident enough to return to the road.

Being a co-driver will take patience and planning. You will be in a better position to help a student stick to what they have learned and finesse their skills so they have a better chance of getting their Nova Scotia drivers license.

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