Preventing Carbon Monoxide Problems With an Old Furnace in Clinton

Oct 10, 19 Preventing Carbon Monoxide Problems With an Old Furnace in Clinton

When a heating technician realizes that a Furnace in Clinton is becoming a carbon monoxide hazard, the technician is required to shut it down and mark the equipment as unsafe. Documentation is provided to the customer, who is supposed to sign it and verify this information has been received. The furnace is no longer safe to run and cannot be repaired. Depending on the circumstances, the utility company may be called in to disable power to the furnace and put a red tag on the equipment designating it as a carbon monoxide hazard.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Every year people become very ill because of carbon monoxide poisoning due to cracked furnace air exchangers, and some fatalities occur. Carbon monoxide poisoning is the most common type of fatal poisoning around the world. By having a furnace in Clinton inspected and maintained annually as recommended, households can prevent this tragic incident.

Furnace Issues

Sometimes household residents don’t know their furnace is unsafe because they haven’t had it inspected in so long. The last time it needed repair work, the technician may have warned them that the furnace was nearing the end of its lifespan and could become hazardous, but not everyone heeds these warnings.

Permanent Consequences

Carbon monoxide poisoning can have permanent negative consequences for people who survive. Brain damage can develop weeks later. Research indicates that the body reacts with an autoimmune response to the toxins. Serious memory problems can develop, along with impairment of the ability to learn new information. Doctors have found brain abnormalities when viewing the organ during magnetic resonance imaging.

Chronic Low-Level Poisoning

Chronic low-level carbon monoxide poisoning also is a problem that can have long-term consequences. People may think they have an ongoing case of the flu. They feel fatigued and have headaches, dizziness and nausea. The symptoms may dissipate somewhat when they are outside the home, but the main problem is how much time they spend in the home with the furnace running. The substance lingers in the body if they do not receive pure oxygen therapy. This can be prevented by scheduling yearly furnace inspection and a tune-up by a contractor such as East River Energy.

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