Printing Companies Los Angeles Can Help You Set Up a Raffle

Jan 29, 14 Printing Companies Los Angeles Can Help You Set Up a Raffle

Raffles enjoy a great deal of popularity among organizations that need to raise money. Church groups, civic organizations, school fund-raising committees and many other kinds of groups find that supporters are happy to donate a few dollars for the opportunity to possibly win a large prize and support the group at the same time. Setting up a raffle isn’t difficult, but it does take some preparatory work before the raffle is scheduled.

The first and most critical step you must take is to determine whether your local or state government will allow you to hold a raffle. If you decide to sell raffle tickets just among your group’s members, local and state laws likely won’t apply to you. However, if you want to open the raffle up to the public, you are bound to follow laws on running games of chance or conducting commerce. The organization of which your group is a part likely has some guidelines or even restrictions on whether you can run a raffle. Knowing the rules before you start collecting money will save you plenty of headaches later.

Once you’ve checked that you can legally conduct a raffle, you’ll need to decide how much money you want to raise. Collecting a few hundred dollars for a new piece of equipment takes much less work than running a raffle that gives away a new car. You’ll want to determine whether you’ll offer one large prize or a somewhat smaller grand prize as well as some consolation prizes. When you’ve determined what you want to raffle off and collected promises that the prizes will be ready on time, you’re ready to start publicizing your event.

Publicity is just as important to your raffle as the prize is. Even if you’ve secured an amazing new car to raffle off, your event won’t be a success if people don’t know about it. Work with Printing Companies in your area to develop four-color, eye-catching fliers and advertising to create interest in the raffle. You’ll also need to use Printing Companies Los Angeles to create raffle booklets with tear-off coupons. Distribute these booklets to all your organization’s members and encourage them to sell to everyone they know. With the help of Printing Companies Los Angeles, you’ll be happy to discover that your raffle has successfully raised the money your group needs. For more info, visit Apollo Printing & Graphics and S&S Printers.

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