Quality and detail are found in boutique hotels

There are many things that you will find in a boutique hotel that you will rarely find in a large chain hotel; quality and an eye for detail. You will find excellence in design for both the interior and exterior, fantastic food and excellent service all around.


Hotels in Suffolk County take quality as a mandate, they see to it that every aspect of the operation is the best; they do this by using the highest quality resources. The guests at these hotels simply expect more; they expect the rooms to be cleaner, they expect better food and beverages and they expect more from the staff. For a boutique hotel to be truly successful they must strive to provide their guests with an experience that they cannot get elsewhere.

When it comes to quality it shows in the choice of linen more than in most places. Bed sheets, duvets, pillow covers, bathrobes and towels must be of the highest quality available as must the furniture fabrics and the draperies. Attention to the linen will provide the guests with the ultimate in comfort and they will most certainly notice the attention to detail.

Most of the high quality hotels in Suffolk County are based on a theme. Regardless of the theme that is set by the owners, the furnishings are of utmost importance. Works of art and period furnishings are very important regardless of whether them theme is one based on an historical period or based on modern or contemporary design.

The management and owners must take considerable time in amassing and assessing every accessory that goes into the hotel. In a boutique hotel it is important that the quality of the accessories such as vases, candle stands, etc be of the highest quality and matched perfectly to the theme.


Discerning guests will notice every little detail in a high quality boutique hotel. They will notice the way the pillows are set out, they will notice exactly how the napkins are folded and presented and they will notice how the food on the breakfast tray is presented. These are but a few of the things that cost little to accomplish but make a world of difference to the guest experience. Te objective of a boutique hotel is to look stylish and casual at the same time.

When you are looking for hotels in Suffolk County you will need look no further than the Viana Hotel and Spa in Westbury. This Long Island hotel will provide you with the best of everything in both quality and attention to detail.

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