Questions About Water Damage And Restoration In Wichita

There are many causes for water damage to your home and your belongings. These include busted water pipes, a broken hot water heater, a leaky roof and weather related issues such as an overflowing creek or a tornado. Whatever the reason for the water in your house, it’s important that you call a professional company that performs clean up for Water Damage in Wichita. Below are some commonly asked questions about hiring a disaster recovery company.

Q.) Will I have to replace my water soaked carpeting?

A.) While it may look like your water soaked carpeting is ruined forever, a flood restoration company can dry out your carpeting and it will look as good as new. A professional company uses high powered drying equipment and humidifiers to completely get all of the water out of your carpeting, floors and walls.

Q.) The water damage in my house isn’t very bad, won’t it be okay if I clean it up myself?

A.) While you may be able to clean it up yourself, you really shouldn’t, because of safety concerns. Bacteria is often floating around in dirty water and without high powered equipment and cleaners, you may not be able to get it totally cleaned up. Even though you may think that your water damage isn’t very bad, there’s a good chance that the water has seeped into places that you can’t see. If you don’t dry out and clean up the water quickly, mold will begin to grow on the floors and walls and pose another safety hazard.

Q.) Will the restoration company be able to save my possessions that are water damaged?

A.) A company that specializes in cleaning up Water Damage in Wichita can restore many of your water damaged belongings. These include important documents, photographs, computers, books, furniture, antiques and artwork. Most personal and household items can be professionally restored unless they are severely damaged beyond repair.

ACT Emergency Clean UP specializes in disaster preparedness, cleanup and remediation for damage caused by water, fire, mold or storms. To ensure that your disaster cleanup is handled by professionals, contact an experienced company that employs a certified crew.

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