Quick Cleaning Tips for Your Student Apartments Near IUPUI Campus

Sep 30, 20 Quick Cleaning Tips for Your Student Apartments Near IUPUI Campus

Cleaning is an important part of maintaining your student apartments near IUPUI campus. However, it may be several days before you can fully commit to cleaning your apartment. Your busy schedule may only allow you to tidy up between classes during the week. Luckily, you can quickly clean your student apartment with the following tips.

Stay on Top of Clutter

It is important to stay on top of clutter if you want to maintain a clean apartment. Everything from your textbooks to your mail should have a place, and you want to put these items in their proper place as soon as possible. If everyone in your apartment follows this rule, you can easily keep the clutter down to a minimum.

Do a Walk-Through

Do a walk-through of your apartment to see what needs to be taken care of before your next class. Place laundry into the hamper, put the clean dishes away and discard what is obviously trash. If you can plan a walk-through when at least one other roommate is home, you can work together to straighten up in less time.

Clean the Common Areas

When you have time between classes, do a quick cleaning of the common areas. For example, use a few minutes to sweep the floor or vacuum the area rug. Another option is to wipe down the kitchen counters and straighten up the couch before heading out the door.

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