Rugs Saturated in a Flood? Hire A Rug Cleaning Service in Naples Fl

Mar 15, 21 Rugs Saturated in a Flood? Hire A Rug Cleaning Service in Naples Fl

If rugs are saturated with water during a flood, it is critical that the homeowner contact a Rug Cleaning service in Naples Fl immediately. Mold and mildew can establish colonies in humid weather within one hour. If a sewage is contained in the water, then dangerous bacteria and viruses can spread through the water and air as soon as the flood occurs. Small children and pets should be taken to a sewage-free area. If the homeowner feels it necessary to walk through the area, they should wear high rubber boots. Flood restoration companies understand that floods need to be cleaned up quickly. Therefore, they are available 24 hours a day.

Once the Rug Cleaning service in Naples Fl arrives, they will determine what type of flood occurred. A fresh water flood is the easiest to clean up. Often the carpet can be saved. A sewage flood is the most difficult to clean up and often the carpet and pad have to be disposed of. If this is necessary, they must be disposed of using certain environmental protocols. The first step in cleaning up a water flood is to use an extractor to pull out as much water as possible from the rug and pad. The extractor looks like a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. Powerful heaters are the placed throughout the area to dry the carpet. If the walls are wet, this will also dry them out. The flooding and drying out can shrink and misshape the carpet. Therefore, it may be necessary to restretch them. They carpet is then cleaned using a standard carpet cleaning technique.

Extracting the sewage is the first step in cleaning up a sewage flood. All areas also have to be steam washed to prevent disease from taking hold or spreading. The carpet pad must be disposed of. Any other porous materials that came into contact with the sewage and are saturated must also be thrown out. The floor must be steam cleaned and disinfected. Portable heaters are then used to dry the area. Air cleaners are used to further disinfect the area. New carpet and carpet pads can then be installed.

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