Safety Starts With Pool Builders in Indio

Jun 18, 14 Safety Starts With Pool Builders in Indio

Private swimming pools in residential areas are an oasis for families and friends during the warm days of summer. Pool safety starts with Pool Builders in Indio that install the pool correctly in order to minimize regular maintenance and prevent accidents from occurring. Unlike public swimming areas, residential swimming pools have no lifeguards or regulations, so owners must develop their own pool safety rules to keep swimmers safe. For a fun-filled summer, plan for safe swimming.

Pool Safety Begins with Construction
Pools should be situated near a window, so that the area can be clearly seen when not in use. A tall and secure fence should be constructed around it. All gates should be securely locked to make sure that young children cannot access the area without adult supervision. Mark the depth along the sides of the pool so that supervising adults can clearly see when their children are going into waters that are too deep for them. A qualified electrician must be hired to make sure that the electrical system is properly sealed.

Keep the Pool Area Safe
Pool chemicals can be dangerous when young children are around. Make sure that these chemicals are only mixed and poured into the pool when no one is swimming. They should be kept in a locked area and placed on a high shelf to limit access to responsible adults. To prevent falls into the pool, do not place tables or chairs close to the edge. Bikes or other wheeled toys should not be used around the pool to limit the chance that someone accidentally riding into the water. Whenever children are swimming, one adult should keep a close eye on them and should avoid becoming distracted by conversation. That adult should make sure that a another person is available to take over in case they need to take a break.

Millions of people in the US have pools on their property. Those pools provide thousands of hours of enjoyment each year. The key to a great summer of swimming starts by hiring a pool builders in Indio like United States Pools Corporation, to install a safe aquatic area. Once the pool in constructed and in use, follow up by implementing safe use policies.

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