Scheduling your Visit for Gynecological Surgery in Chicago IL

It is advisable to periodically visit the gynecologist for annual reviews which will help prevent possible illnesses. This is also a great times to ask any questions that may arise. The gynecologist should be present at different stages of a woman’s life. If you are interested in learning more about Gynecological Surgery in Chicago IL, continue reading.

Gynecologists and gynecologic oncologists specialize in highly complex gynecological procedures and surgery with the preservation of pelvic nerves in mind. They evaluate each patient individually and, after making a correct diagnosis, they offer multidisciplinary clinical sessions to discuss the best therapeutic strategy. They will take into account the specific clinical situation and expectations of each patient. In addition, the personalized treatment will ensure the best quality care and the best possible clinical outcomes.

A radical hysterectomy is the traditional surgical procedure when cervical cancer is present. The technique involves removing the uterus, its surrounding tissue and lymph nodes in the pelvis. This is a highly complex surgical procedure that must be performed by gynecologic oncologists with sufficient surgical training. Autonomic nerves of the pelvis are very thin and are distributed in the tissue surrounding the uterus and are removed as part of a radical hysterectomy. Thus, the main long-term complications of the surgical procedure are altered disorders for bladder emptying, impaired rectal evacuation, and decreased sexual function. However, the recent addition of robotic surgery can more accurately identify those nerves and reduce the possibility of damage, markedly improving bladder and rectal function of women.
What is a hysterectomy? A hysterectomy is surgical removal of the uterus with or without the cervix.

Indications for hysterectomy:

• Uterine fibroids

• Endometriosis

• Uterine Prolapse

• Abnormal uterine bleeding that does not yield to medical treatment

• Chronic pelvic pain

• Genital cancer

Traditional Gynecological Surgery in Chicago IL is made through an incision in the lower abdomen of approximately 10 cm, depending on the size of the uterus. Vaginal surgery is used in cases of uterine prolapse, and avoids any type of abdominal incision. Gynecological professionals will explain to each of our patients the best way to prepare for surgery.

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