Selecting A Provider For Plant Maintenance Services

Aug 16, 19 Selecting A Provider For Plant Maintenance Services

In any type of industry, finding the right company to provide long term maintenance services and contract work can be a challenge. This becomes even more critical in the petrochemical industry, where safety issues, maintenance, repairs, overhauls, and even upgrades of the equipment are vital considerations.

Choosing a provider for

plant maintenance services in the petrochemical industry means taking the time to understand the companies under consideration. Looking carefully at what each service provider brings to the table is always the most crucial first step in finding the right company for the job.

Past Experience

When looking for a company to provide plant maintenance services, past experience in working in other plants in the petrochemical industry is a must. Companies should be able to provide a list of past projects and references to demonstrate their expertise and experience on an industry-specific basis.

This is also a clear indication of the professionalism, the ability to work to necessary safety protocol and also the ability for the maintenance teams to integrate with the facilities teams, management, and other outsourced providers. Taking the time to talk to past and current customers of the maintenance company, if possible, can provide exceptional insight into what you can expect in work performance, ability to respond to emergency repair needs and other factors that are relevant to the plant or facility.

Types of Services

With a Request for Proposals or with a bid offer, be sure the company offering the plant maintenance services provides a detailed breakdown of the services they offer.

Not all companies providing maintenance contracts have the same basic packages or allow for the petrochemical company to add in specific services required. It is also time-saving for the petrochemical plant to be very clear and precise with the services they expect from the contracted maintenance service provider.

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