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by | Dec 12, 2014 | Health

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Small business owners and other employers choose a provider of occupational services for employees to go to in many work related situations. They may require pre-employment screenings, physicals and drug tests. They may offer flu shots annually. They will definitely need a provider for work related injuries. Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH occurs in many different places throughout the city. Employers must choose carefully to be sure they are working with a place that will serve their needs and share their work philosophy. Sit down with managers and directors of facilities and discuss your company needs. There are many facilities, Eastside Urgent Care of Cincinnati OH for example, that offer Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH for employers.

Find out if the doctors and therapists are certified Department Of Transportation (DOT) examiners and recognized providers for Worker’s Compensation claims. Find a facility that can do occupational therapy and insure that your employees return to work safely and as quickly as possible. Ask them if a professional is available to go to your location for corporate flu shots annually for your employees’ convenience. Staff should be able to perform all vision screenings and drug testing, as well as physicals for your company. Extended evening and weekend hours would be helpful so they could provide services for employees 7 days a week and those on second shift. This would be of great benefit to you and your employees because accidents and injuries do not keep banker’s hours. Employees who need therapy will appreciate shorter wait times and same day appointments if they are available to them.

Every business owner hopes they will have months and months without a work place accident or injury and so do their employees. Planning for that possibility and having service providers in place will make those incidents go smoothly for you and your employees when it does happen. Employees who are injured will be stressed and in pain, so knowing where to go will be one less thing to worry about. You, as the business owner, will know your employees are well cared for and will get the treatment they deserve. You should be sure the team you hire will do whatever it takes to get them fully healed and back on the job as soon as possible. You can also visit their website, and look for the link that allows you to Click here.

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