Shedding Light on How a Funeral Home Negligence Lawyer in Davie, FL Can Help Victims

Sep 10, 19 Shedding Light on How a Funeral Home Negligence Lawyer in Davie, FL Can Help Victims

Funerals are emotional times for families. Losing a loved one, making arrangements for the funeral and all its surrounding details and imagining life without the deceased tend to take a considerable toll on the loved ones left behind. A number of expenses are also involved with everything from flowers and caskets to burial plots and embalming adding to the total cost. Though most funeral homes and cremation services operate with the intent to help families get through these trying occasions, some don’t live up to their promises.

Shedding Light on Funeral Home Neglect

Though most people probably don’t give this issue much thought, funeral homes make mistakes on a regular basis. Whether these errors are intentional or mere oversights, they generally boil down to carelessness in one way or another. When this happens, a Funeral Home Negligence Lawyer in Davie FL can help ensure the right people are held responsible for their actions. A number of situations may qualify as funeral home neglect.

  • Swapping Funeral Products:
  • In some cases, funeral planners have been known to replace caskets families paid for with less expensive ones in order to maximize their own profits. This also happens with vaults, casket liners and other products.
  • Losing Bodies:
  • As unbelievable as it may sound, funeral homes lose bodies. This can happen in transit from the hospital or local morgue to the funeral home, after the body reaches the facility or in other scenarios.
  • Providing the Wrong Body:
  • Sometimes, funeral directors display the wrong bodies at viewings or graveside services, and this could certainly be a case for a Funeral Home Negligence Lawyer in Davie FL.
  • Failing to Provide the Body:
  • Funeral homes have also failed to provide a body at all. This may be the result of losing the body, burying or cremating the wrong body or any number of other situations.
  • Profiting from the Deceased:
  • Selling body parts and stealing and selling jewelry or other personal property are cases in which someone could deceitfully profit from the deceased.

Cases of neglect aren’t always intentional. Still, funeral homes are paid for their products and services, and failing to come through as promised is unprofessional to say the least. Browse Our Website to learn more and don’t hesitate to request a consultation if your family has been a victim of funeral home neglect.

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