Should You Choose Dental Implants in Philadelphia

Jul 20, 20 Should You Choose Dental Implants in Philadelphia

Unfortunately, many people suffer with dental health problems that cause them to lose their teeth. Gum infections, cavities and a host of injuries can cause you to need a tooth extraction. If you are missing only one tooth, you may not notice much of a problem, especially if the tooth is in the back of your mouth. If your missing teeth in the front of your smile or have many teeth missing, this can cause you to feel upset about your appearance, causing you to smile less and find it difficult to interact with others. To restore your smile, there are Dental Implants in Philadelphia. These implants offer a permanent solution for tooth loss and fill in the gaps of your smile, so you can feel your best again.

Why are Dental Implants in Philadelphia Becoming So Popular?

In years past, there was little that could be done for people who were missing teeth. The main treatment option was to pull the remaining teeth and get a pair of dentures. For people missing a couple of teeth, partials could be used. Though these options gave people the teeth they needed, to be able to chew and smile without embarrassment, it did not provide a permanent option. People with dentures must remove them when they sleep and need to remove them for cleaning. Instead of cumbersome dentures, there are now better options, in the form of dental implants. These implants are permanently secured inside your jawbone, so they become a part of you. You do not have to remove them and can treat them just as you would your own natural teeth.

Since the process for getting dental implants is a surgical one, you will need to consult with your dentist. He or she will go over your health history and check your oral health, to make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure. Once your implants are in, you will feel a surge in confidence and will have better function in your teeth.

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