Should You Own A Microdermabrasion Treatment Machine?

Big strides have been made in the field of cosmetic dermatology. At one time, unsightly skin blemishes, birthmarks, old scar tissue, wrinkles, stretch marks, etc were all things that you simply had to live with throughout your life. The best that you could do would be to cover them up or otherwise hide them from view. It is true that the cells in the outermost layers of our skin do die off and get replaced every 30 days or so; but, once original skin is damaged, the re-growth does not return to normal unless the damage is excessively minimal – like a small scratch for example.

Restoration Work

Attempts to remove skin “problems” and restore the skin to its original pristine condition were, at best, only partially successful and all were highly invasive and painful procedures. Layers of outer skin (the epidermis) had to be removed in the hope that; if you “dug” deep enough then new skin would, eventually, appear. To do this, the damaged skin had to be cut or scraped away. One method of doing this was by a process known as dermabrasion.

Dermabrasion was usually performed under, at least, local anaesthetic by a qualified medical doctor who had received additional training in dermatology. The treatment could take up to 30 days to heal. Not surprisingly, it was not a popular treatment and medical lasers and/or plastic surgery have largely replaced it.


However, for skin problems with less depth of damaged tissue; a newer form of abrasion based treatment has become very popular. As in the older method; a Microdermabrasion Treatment Machine does abrade away cells from the epidermis BUT; this is done in a much gentler manner that can be considered as non-invasive and does not require a highly trained medical specialist to operate the machine.

A Microdermabrasion Treatment Machine can be used in beauty salons and spas just so long as the operator is a licensed esthetician. Although these machines can be used for removal of some skin disfigurations; their main application is the removal of dead skin cells to reveal the new, rejuvenating cells below. People who undergo this treatment appreciate the resultant “healthy glow” experienced afterwards. Since our outer skin cells are constantly dying (and being replaced from below); the treatment needs to be repeated every 30 days or so. The treatment is even considered safe enough for self application home use; however, it is more likely that spa and salon owners would see the need to purchase or rent their own Microdermabrasion Treatment Machine.

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