Signs it’s Time for Alternator Repairs in Gilbert, AZ

Nov 11, 19 Signs it’s Time for Alternator Repairs in Gilbert, AZ

A car’s alternator is used to convert mechanical energy into electrical power to charge the vehicle’s battery and keep its electrical systems running. Without an alternator, a modern car could only run until its battery died, leaving its driver stranded. Instead of waiting until this happens, check out the following signs its time for Alternator Repairs in Gilbert AZ and head to a mechanic for help as soon as they occur.

Indicator Lights

Most modern cars are equipped with warning lights that read either “ALT” or “GEN.” In older cars, the battery light may come on if the alternator is failing. Drivers should take these warning lights seriously and head to a mechanic as soon as they come on to avoid unnecessary and inconvenient breakdowns.

Dim or Flickering Headlights

As noted above, a car’s alternator powers its electronic systems. That includes the headlights. If a vehicle’s headlights are dim or flickering, it may mean the alternator isn’t providing sufficient power.

Other Electronic Device Failures

During the day, drivers are unlikely to notice issues with their vehicles’ headlights. They’ll be more likely to notice problems with electrical systems such as power windows and locks, dashboard lights, the AC system, and the radio.

Difficulty Starting

In a gas vehicle, the alternator provides power to the spark plugs, which are used to ignite the gasoline and start the car. If the car’s alternator is going bad, it may not provide sufficient power to the spark plugs. This problem will only get worse over time, eventually causing the car to not start.

Battery Dying

A dead battery isn’t always a sign that it’s time for Alternator Repairs in Gilbert AZ. If a battery isn’t charging due to a failing alternator, just replacing it won’t solve the problem, though. Most auto shops and mechanics will test alternators for free when drivers replace their batteries, so it’s worth taking the time to have the charging system checked.

Get Help Now

Know it’s time for alternator repairs but not sure who to call? Don’t trust just anyone with this essential repair. Visit the site for information about one trustworthy local mechanic that can help today.

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