Signs That You May Need Garage Door Repair

Feb 12, 19 Signs That You May Need Garage Door Repair

As a homeowner, you likely know how important the value of your home is. Regardless of whether you plan to sell shortly or years down the line, understanding the resale value of your home is important. Any improvements or repairs you do can affect that value, including having garage door repairs done. Today we’re going to look at some common signs that you may need garage door repair in Melbourne, FL.

Broken Springs

One of the most common issues that you may encounter with a garage door is a broken spring. The springs are there to provide tension which makes it possible for your garage door opener to lift and lower the door. The good news is that determining if you have this problem is simple. Take a look at the garage door near the wall to find the springs. If you have two of them, you will likely need to have both replaced. A professional can let you know what the best option is in terms of repair or replacement.

Noisy Garage Door

Having a noisy garage door is not uncommon, and there are various reasons for it to happen. Sometimes using a recommended lubricant is enough to quiet your garage door. You will want to regularly lubricate the rollers, springs, and hinges to keep the door moving smoothly. If this doesn’t rectify the issue, it’s best to bring in a professional who can determine what the problem is being caused by. It might be something that can be resolved by quick and inexpensive repair.

Malfunctioning Remote

If you’re having problems with your remote control for the garage door, it could be as simple as needing a new battery. However, if that does not provide a solution, there may be something else at play. There are many things that could lead to this issue, so your best bet is to speak with a professional. In most cases, you will not need a replacement door opener, especially if your door opener is fairly new.

At Paradise Garage Doors, we offer garage door repair in Melbourne, FL. We are also happy to install a new garage door or help with any other garage door related matters. We always have someone here to take your calls. If you want to learn more about our services, visit us at

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