Signs You Need to Replace Your Old Windows in Jacksonville Florida

Sep 29, 21 Signs You Need to Replace Your Old Windows in Jacksonville Florida

Windows are an important element in any home. They let in natural light and allow for stunning views while keeping the elements out. Unfortunately, windows don’t last forever, and it can be difficult deciding when to get new ones. Here are three signs it’s time for replacement windows in Jacksonville, FL.

Consistent Drafts

When windows work properly, they keep outside air at bay. If you’re noticing more drafts in your house than before, make sure your windows aren’t to blame. Even if you don’t notice the draft, small leaks can have big consequences. If your utility bills are unusually high, your windows could be at fault.

Visible Damage

A little wear and tear does not mean you need to rip out all of your windows, but some types of damage can only be fixed by replacing them altogether. Cracked windows simply won’t be as effective, even if you try to seal the crack. Smaller cracks may be salvageable, but large cracks are likely lost causes. Lots of condensation, water damage, or any type of rot around the panes are all indications that your window has had enough.

Difficulty Opening

Windows exist to make your life more pleasant and convenient, so when they stop fulfilling that purpose, you may want to think about replacements. Windows that get stuck may also present a safety hazard. Criminals can get into older, worn windows more easily, and windows that get stuck can be dangerous in case of fires.

To learn more about your options for replacement windows in Jacksonville, FL, head Dream Doors and Windows.

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