Signs Your Pet Needs to Have Veterinary Care in Oahu

Owning a pet can bring great joy to your life, but it can also bring great responsibility. Taking on responsibility for a pet means providing for your pet’s needs and keeping him or her healthy. One of the biggest aspects of providing good health for your pet is making sure they see the Veterinary Oahu doctor. This will allow your vet to find any issues with your pet’s health, so they can be treated promptly. It has been proven, pets who are regularly seen by the veterinarian stay in much better health than those who do not have regular veterinarian care. Along with taking your pet to the vet, it is also important for you to recognize the signs your pet may be ill. This will help to alert you of when you need to contact your vet for treatment.

What are the Signs Your Pet Is Ill?

Changes in appetite — The way your pet eats can be a big indicator of what is going on with his or her health. If your pet begins to refuse food or seems to be hungrier than normal, these can both be signs of health issues. Any time you see a change in your pet’s eating habits, you need to make sure you contact the vet. This will allow your pet to be thoroughly checked for any health concerns, so these problems do not cause permanent health concerns.

Changes in bowel movements — Another sign that can alert you to problems is changes in bowel movements. Your pet’s bowel movements should be solid and moist. If they are too dry or too runny, this can be a sign of digestive issues. If you see any worms in your pet’s bowel movements, make sure you contact the vet right away, as this can cause serious health concerns.

Changes in activity level — If your pet no longer plays like he or she once did or seems to lay around more, this could mean the pet is suffering with health concerns. Any change in your pet’s normal routine can signal issues and should be checked.

If you notice any of these signs of problems with your pet, he or she needs Veterinary Oahu care right away. Contact The Honolulu Pet Clinic so your pet can receive the health care he or she needs.

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