Social Security Disability And SSI – The Criteria

by | Jan 6, 2015 | Attorneys

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The Social Security law in Missouri is based around the SSA’s definition of disability. By law a person is eligible for SSDI (Social Security disability) or SSI (Supplemental Security income) benefits when he or she can no longer do any SGA (substantial gainful activity) due to either a physical or mental disability which at the time of application is expected to have a duration of at least 12 months or may result in death.

How does a person meet this definition?

An applicant for Social Security or Supplemental Security benefits is to meet or better the level of severity that is published in the listing of impairments. This is the book used by the SSA which describes in detail many different conditions ranging from high blood pressure to heart failure. For those who meet the criteria they care absolutely guaranteed to be approved for benefits.

This sounds simple enough but the Social Security law in Missouri is such that meeting the criteria is quite difficult. Most applicants for benefits end up qualifying when their disability is severe enough to prevent them from earning a living, they will usually be granted a small amount of money every month.

The first thing the SSA does is to look to see if it is possible for you to perform the last job you held or any of the jobs you have had over the preceding 15 years. If you cannot do any of the jobs you have had in the past then the SSA will evaluate you and your condition to see if there is any other work that you can do, this evaluation takes into account the age of the applicant, education and skill set.

Medical details needed for the evaluation:

When you apply for Social Security benefits you need to include a list of any and all impairments, conditions and symptoms along with the names of your doctors, hospitals you have been confined in as well as clinics and all the phone numbers which can be used for confirmation.

The listing of impairments previously mentioned includes the criteria for approval, it is very important that your medical practitioner is aware of what the criteria are when he or she is preparing your statements. Many applicants rely on assistance from an attorney t this stage as it is important that you include detailed information about how your condition affects your ability to limit your activities. Visit Grundy Disability Group, LLC for more information.

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