Solar-Powered Deck Lights in Port Charlotte FL Allow Restaurant Customers to Enjoy the Outdoors

The dream is to have a successful casual restaurant overlooking the water. There will be a deck attached so patrons can enjoy drinks before and after dinner, or even eat outside if they would like. Once the sun goes down, deck lights in Port Charlotte FL are important for visibility and ambiance. Solar-powered lights are ideal, helping the restaurant owners save money on electricity.

Cloudy Days

There might be a question about how well these deck lights in Port Charlotte FL will work if the day has been cloudy. Customers won’t want to be sitting outside in near-total darkness, even with the lights from inside shining onto the deck.

A Solar Panel

One solution could be to use a solar panel instead of lights that each charge individually. The panel should be placed in the area that receives the most sunshine all day long. The panel will be advantageous because it can collect more energy, and ultraviolet light is present even on cloudy days. It just takes longer to fully power the batteries, and they may not get fully charged. That means the lights start to get dim early on, which isn’t acceptable if restaurant patrons like to sit on the deck until the wee hours.

Rainy Conditions Earlier in the Day

Heavy rain can significantly diminish the charging process, though. Customers won’t be sitting outside during rainy conditions, but if the rain stops before the sun sets, there may not be much lighting if the owners rely entirely on the solar system. Adding some traditionally-powered electric lamps for times when the weather has simply not cooperated will allow patrons to enjoy using the deck. Otherwise, regulars may be inquisitive about why the lights are off. Most probably haven’t realized that the lighting is solar-powered.

Choosing a Supplier

These business owners can get all the supplies they need for the deck project, even the lighting, from a company such as Shoreline Lumber. If there are ever any problems with the lamps, company representatives can help or can steer the customers in the right direction to get their questions answered. Contact us to get started.

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