Splurging on a Full Service Moving Company

Many people believe they’d never splurge on a full service moving company, unless their employer was paying. But, look at all the benefits a full service moving company can provide.

 * Packing your boxes – Your full service moving company will bring all the supplies needed to pack up all your belongings and get everything packed for you. Be sure to let them know how you want boxes labeled, so that you know which room gets which box in the new home. For example, make a sign for the door of each child’s room, so the packers know to label each box from this room with “Johnny’s room”.

 * Unpacking your boxes – A full service moving company can also unpack your boxes at your destination, if desired. They can remove all the boxes and debris, as well.

 * Disassembling and Reassembling Furniture – Some large items cannot be moved without being taken apart. Full service movers can do this for you, and they can reassemble the items when you reach your destination. Imagine how great it will feel to spend your first night in your new home with the bed all assembled without you having to assemble it.

 * Storage Capabilities – Full service moving companies also offer storage capabilities. If your new house won’t be ready for a few days, or even a few weeks, your moving company can store your items for you, and deliver when you’re ready. This service is priceless when you can’t make all the details of move out/move in line up correctly.

Once you realize how easy a full service moving company can make your move, you’ll see why these companies are so popular. A full service moving company in New Orleans may not turn out to be such a splurge after all.

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