Steps For A Roof Installation In Des Moines, IA

Feb 13, 18 Steps For A Roof Installation In Des Moines, IA

In Iowa, new roofing installations start with the removal of the existing roofing. A general contractor manages the removal and waste management requirements. The crew works together to create a fresh canvas that is free of issues. A local contractor follows specific steps when completing a new Roof Installation in Des Moines IA.

Position the Drip Edges in Place

The contractor installs the drip edge along the eaves of the fascia. It is fastened in place with standard roofing nails. The contractor installs the gable ends of the drip edge after the underlayment installation.

Install the Underlayment and Felt Paper

The underlayment is positioned in line with the drip edge. The contractor peels the backing off the underlayment as it is rolled out across the roof. The first section of the underlayment is nailed to the top corner of the decking. The contractor continues the installation and ensures that it adheres to the decking smoothly.

The felt paper is installed in sections and secured with staples. Each new row of felt overlaps the connecting row by two inches. The process continues until the entire roof is covered with felt.

Install the Shingles

The first row of shingles starts at three-fourths of an inch from the drip edge. Each shingle is installed with at least five roofing nails. The adhesive strip on the first shingle is set at the bottom of the section facing upward. Each new shingle attaches to the strip bond on the shingles positioned above them.

Install the Flashing

The flashing is cut at a forty-five-degree angle and installed around the corner of each seam. The flashing is secured with nails. For each section of flashing the contractor uses a sealant to block out water and moisture. The process continues until all flashing is installed.

In Iowa, new roofing installations provide a better level of protection for the property. Outdated or worn out materials lead to serious property damage for owners. The new installation replaces the existing roof and restores the value of the property. Homeowners who need a new Roof Installation in Des Moines IA contact Quality Construction Services Inc or Click here for more details now.

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