Stopping Enamel Destruction by Visiting Your Local Cosmetic Dentist in Alpharetta

Damaged tooth enamel is very dangerous for teeth because it can cause complete destruction to the tooth. Enamel cannot regenerate, and so it is sometimes necessary to involve specialists who will be engaged in its artificial reconstruction. These specialists, also known as a cosmetic dentist in Alpharetta, can help improve the overall smile of a patient. Even though many of the procedures are somewhat expensive, the treatments tend to last decades.

Causes of tooth enamel destruction

Destruction of tooth enamel is due to leaching of minerals, of which it is composed. Washout is, in turn, due to aggressive external factors that worsens due to severe environmental conditions. This issue has affected a significant number of humans in the recent past. The loss of enamel, of course, is affected by diet, especially when it comes to the abundance of sweet and sour dishes.

There are some constant references to some mysterious “acid-base balance” that was common in 1990’s chewing gum advertising. But in fact, the acid-base balance is really an important factor in determining the health status of the teeth, including enamel. Undermining this acid-alkaline balance can include several items in today’s youth. One of those is energy drinks, whose chemical composition is far from natural and therefore hardly good for the body.

Ways to restore tooth enamel

Lots of teeth that have lost enamel must, in turn, cover artificial substances. One of the most common methods used by your local Cosmetic Dentist in Alpharetta is fluoridation, which is the restoration of the natural reserve of fluorine. This is done by treating dental composition containing fluorine. A more modern method is the implantation of the enamel. It allows you to cope with the problem of sensitive teeth, fix their bite, shape and color.

How to prevent the loss of tooth enamel?

Although a patient is not able to independently restore lost enamel, each person can prevent its loss. If teeth are missing minerals, you should use special toothpastes. After applying this paste on your teeth, leave it on the teeth for a few minutes. You can also massage the gums themselves, which improves blood flow to the teeth. For patients that are lacking certain minerals, there is a special diet. For instance, if you need to replenish calcium, it is suggested that you eat more lean dairy products, like eggs, fish, and some vegetables. For more information, contact Johns Creek Dental Excellence today.

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