Supplier From Lake Oswego OR Sells Bark Dust and Other Types of Mulch

Do you own a landscaping business or just enjoy gardening at home? If you are looking for quality materials at the best price, you can purchase them from a supplier who has been in business for almost forty years. This business has seen many changes in the type of materials used for landscaping projects. In the past, peat moss was the primary material used to hold moisture in the soil. The next big thing in landscaping materials was white marble chips. They also helped hold moisture and they were very decorative. The biggest drawback to using marble chips was their color.

After a few seasons, the white chips began to look dirty. They also were difficult to remove. The chips couldn’t be shoveled out of flower beds, but needed to be picked out a few at a time. You can imagine what a tedious and time consuming task that was. Lava rock was an improvement over marble chips, but it also was difficult to handle. The biggest advantage of marble chips, lava rock, or any stone material was its long lasting properties.

Probably the most useful material to come along for landscapers and gardeners is mulch. It comes in several varieties. There is shredded bark, pine bark nuggets, bark dust in Lake Oswego OR, and mulch made from coconut shells. Bark comes in different colors including brown, red, and black. In addition to mulch, suppliers of landscaping material sell top soil, potting soil, and garden soil. If you have an outdoor construction project, sidewalk pavers, patio brick, retaining wall block, sand, lime, and river rock can be purchased in large quantities and delivered to your job site.

Professional landscapers and weekend gardeners can find other items at the material supplier’s beside mulch and top soil. Gardening tools, pond liners and pumps, grass seed, and sod are available there. Some garden centers offer yard waste disposal. This is a convenient and environmentally friendly way to get rid of grass clippings and plants that are out of season.

If you are a professional landscaper or an amateur gardener, you can find the quality material and tools needed for your next project at your local garden center or supplier of landscaping material. Contact Red bark Inc a best provider for all landscape and garden supply needs. Whether it is bark dust in Lake Oswego OR, a new shovel, or a truck load of mulch, you can find it there for a reasonable price.

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