Take Your Family on a Camping Trip with a New Camping Tent

Some of the more simple vacations tend to be more fun. Although camping is not quite simple, it gets your family back to nature and brings you closer together. There is no better way to plan a camping trip than with brand new family camping tents. Make your next camping trip an extended family camping trip. Gather all of your relatives and have a reunion! With new family camping tents, there will be plenty of room for everyone while enjoying down-time.

Not All Family Tents Are Created Equally

Every family has different tent needs. Some families need large camping tents that have room dividers to keep kids on one side and adults on another with a middle room everyone can share. Today, tents are being made with up to four windows, depending on the exact type of family tent you purchase. Windows are perfect for allowing people to see who is nearby and give a sense of openness. Roof vents allow for better air flow so air does not become stale or stifling. With a bath tub floor you and your family are assured a dry camping trip.

Quick and Easy Setup

Family camping tents can weigh up to twenty-five pounds and spread across an area 18’ x 10’ in size and larger. Tent packs can vary in weight and size with some being easier to transport than others. Most have a fiberglass frame which tends to make it lighter and more durable. The fabric of a tent constructed of polyurethane will last longer and be more resistant to rain, extreme heat and the sun. Steel stakes afford a tent even more stability and strength when winds become high and the threat of a tent toppling is a concern. With the right family tent, your family can remain protected from the weather and continue to have a good time.

Find the Right Family Tent for Your Family

There are many family sized tents on the market. When you are investing in backcountry equipment, it is important to make sure every aspect of a family camping tent has what you and your family require. Picking a tent per season is just one example of the information you need to be familiar with in order to find the tent that fits your camping needs.

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