The ABC of Carpet Cleaning Silverthorne Colorado

Carpet cleaning is very important. This is because the carpet is the biggest item in the home that traps a lot of dirt, germs and potentially harmful microbial organisms. All the dirt that we carry from the outdoors under our feet is trapped by the carpet when we enter the house. All the dust particles from the air and other small objects always settle on the carpet. Without regular carpet cleaning, these germs and dirt could be potentially harmful to your health and that of your children and pets.

There are quite a number of methods used in carpet cleaning Silverthorne Colorado service. Regular vacuuming of the carpet can be a great way to keep it clean but all the particles lodged in between the fibers need more commercial cleaning methods. The following are some of the methods used in carpet cleaning Silverthorne Colorado:

1. Hot water extraction is a method of carpet cleaning through which a hot cleaning solution is applied to the carpet under high pressure. The cleaning solution contains water and the various detergents and chemicals used in carpet cleaning. The hot solution is then extracted from the carpet fibers. High temperatures of about 200oc coupled with pressure of 400 pound helps to break the dirt particles. The extraction of the cleaning solution is done via high power suction to remove all the dirt particles from the carpet. The machinery used for this kind of carpet cleaning can be mounted on to a truck for convenience.

2. Dry foam cleaning or dry cleaning is also another method of carpet cleaning Silverthorne Colorado exercise. This process is referred to as dry cleaning since the carpet and floor is never wet. This is achieved through the addition of a cleaning agent on the carpet. A large bonnet machine is then used to absorb all the dirty particles that have been loosened by the chemical agent. The cleaning process is great because there is no inconvenience of wet floors. This cleaning method is perfect for places such as offices or other areas with constant human traffic.

3. Shampoo is one of the less popular carpet cleaning methods that has been overtaken by the above two methods. The shampoo carpet cleaning involved the use of shampoo and a carpet cleaning machine that would even out the soap on the carpet while cleaning it. The main reason why this method is generally unpracticed is because the soap was never completely removed from the carpet. The residues left behind were potentially harmful since they could lead to allergies or long term detrimental health effects. During carpet cleaning, no residues should ever be left on the carpet.

For more information about carpet cleaning Silverthorne Colorado, go to Each of these carpet cleaning methods is perfect for different scenarios, find out which is best for you.

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