The Benefits Of Skin Tightening In Southampton, NY

by | Jun 3, 2015 | Health

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New York cosmetic surgeons offer ultherapy as a treatment to combat loose and sagging skin. The procedure utilizes ultrasound waves to stimulate the production of collagen within the skin. These treatments are non-evasive and offer results in as few as three months.

The Safety of the Procedure

According to the FDA, the procedures are safe and don’t inflict skin damage. The purpose of the treatment is to increase collagen to promote elasticity of the skin. Skin Tightening in Southampton NY has been ruled an effective treatment without harsh side effects.

How Long Does it Take?

The procedure requires up to two hours to complete. The size of the affected area dictates the duration required. Most patients complete the process in one doctor’s visit and don’t require time for recovery.

What Can Patients Expect?

Few reports have shown that the treatment produces pain. However, some patients state that it incurs a pain or discomfort level of four. The ultrasound waves cause tingling and warmth. Since it reaches sub-dermal layers of skin, it could cause a sensation that isn’t comfortable for all patients. This effect is temporary.

Are There Side Effects?

Similarly to other non-evasive options, the procedure could cause redness, swelling, and irritation. These side effects are temporary. Most patients report that they don’t last longer than one day after the treatment.

What Does the Procedure Replace?

The ultherapy procedure is an alternative to a full face lift. It stimulates collagen growth. This naturally-occurring substance is depleted as women age. This leads to sagging of the skin. As collagen is replenished, the sagging skin becomes tighter and lose skin is decreased. However, patients won’t receive the same benefits as a full face lift with this procedure.

Women who wish to reduce the signs of aging could acquire Skin Tightening in Southampton NY. Non-evasive procedures are available that don’t require an extended period of time to complete. The ultherapy procedure is a form of rejuvenation that could eliminate sagging skin in women as young as 40. Patients who are curious about the procedure should click here to find out more info today.

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