The Different Ways a Dermatologist in Minneapolis, MN Can Help You

by | Sep 22, 2014 | Health and Fitness

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There are a number of reasons why you might see a Dermatologist in Minneapolis, MN. One of the reasons that most people think of is for the treatment of acne. If you have serious acne, it may be that only a dermatologist will be able to prescribe you the best treatment for the care of your skin.

In most cases, your medical doctor can only do so much before they need to refer you to a specialist, especially since general practitioners aren’t allowed to actually prescribe certain acne medications. But, that’s not the only thing that a dermatologist can help with.

Scar Treatment

If you have a problem with scars, it’s possible that a dermatologist can help. It’s important to note that the newer the scars, the better chance a doctor has of helping you reduce their appearance, but this doesn’t mean that a doctor can’t help with older scars.

With new treatments, especially treatments that include lasers, you can see fast results for scar reduction. What’s more, you will be treated by a medical professional at all times, which is not the case with over the counter creams that generally don’t work.

Skin Cancer Treatment

If you’ve been diagnosed with skin cancer, then a dermatologist may be the next stop for you. Because a dermatologist is an expert in skin, he or she knows the best way to treat your skin cancer.

If you’ve experienced a lot of sun exposure over the years, it may be in your best interest to visit a dermatologist anyway. The dermatologist can determine if you’re at risk for cancer and help with treatments to prevent skin cancer.

Anti Aging Treatment

Whether you’re experiencing age spots, wrinkles, laugh lines or other common aging issues, a dermatologist can help. With the most common issues of aging being treatable with the help of lasers, your dermatologist can help you look younger.

As you can see, a dermatologist has a lot to offer. From treating serious conditions to helping you look younger, your dermatologist may be one of the most important medical professionals that you could ever visit. Take the time to see how your local dermatologist can help you!





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