The Exquisite Beauty Of Buccellati Jewelry In New York City

by | May 31, 2012 | Jewelry

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For those in the middle class, the name Buccellati jewelry in New York City may not roll off the tongue as beautifully as Tiffany or Cartier, but the pieces they produce are just as lovely as any other quality jewelry maker and their jewelry has a distinct look that so many find absolutely unmistakable.  Should you happen to be in the market for a unique jewelry design that makes your heart beat faster, you might consider looking at Buccellati.

The company started producing jewelry in Italy in 1919 after Mario Buccellati took over the famous Beltrami & Beltrami company and changed its name. His pieces sold out quickly and there is a story that it was his tantrum at the Madrid Exposition in 1920 after a woman asked for a discount that brought his exquisite creations to the attention of Spanish royalty and they became lifelong clients.   Mario Buccellati had five sons, and they expanded the business internationally through the 1920s and in 1951 opened a shop in New York City.   It is a still a family-owned firm with branches in Japan, China, Paris, and Monte Carlo.

The distinctive look of Buccellati jewelry in New York City is achieved because the pieces have a rich texture to them.  First of all, they rarely use gemstones at all.  And if they are used, they are unusual stones, such as large emeralds or rubies or diamonds that are cut into unusual shapes.  But mainly they work in precious metals, covering every square millimeter of the surface with texture, giving the finished jewelry a look of lace, linen, or tulle.  They also use piercing techniques to recreate the look of lace, webbing, or a honeycomb.  It is also fairly common for their pieces to be made of two or more different metals, allowing the different properties and colors of the metals to give some excitement and beauty to their stunning work.

Naturally, Buccellati jewelry in New York City is very valuable and if you are interested in purchasing something created by this international company, you will want to make sure you are working with a dealer who knows their product, knows the quality of the piece you are paying for, and a dealer who you can trust to sell you an absolutely authentic beautiful work of art by Buccellati.

If you have never heard of Buccellati jewelry New York City before, do not just assume their work will not appeal to you or that it is of a lesser quality than some other famous jewelers. Take the time and visit Stephen P. Kahan and Son LTD they are best dealer who sell Buccellati jewelry in New York City go look at it.


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