The Importance of Contacting a Clearwater Car Accident Lawyer Immediately Following an Accident

The single second it takes for another car to collide with yours can instantly change your life. You may be left with injuries that require ongoing treatment, or scars that will last you a lifetime. Under Florida state law, you are entitled to compensation for those injuries and for your medical treatment. However, in order to receive that compensation, you must meet certain criteria. If you wait too long to seek medical treatment or wait too long to file a claim, you may lose out on the benefits and money you are entitled to. That is why it is important to meet with a Clearwater Car Accident Lawyer immediately following an accident. Here are a few reasons why it is so important.

An Attorney Can Help You Get the Medical Treatment You Need:

There are new laws which limit the amount of time in which you have to receive medical treatment following a car accident. In some instances, this time frame can be as short as two weeks. A Clearwater Car Accident Lawyer can help you find an appropriate doctor for your injuries, and ensure you receive treatment within the time frames that have been laid out by law. They can also help you receive treatment on a lien basis, meaning you can receive treatment if you don’t have any money or health insurance.

An Attorney Can Help Preserve the Evidence:

Another key reason to speak with an attorney as soon as possible following a car accident is because an attorney can help you preserve as much evidence as possible. This is key if there is any doubt as to who is at fault for the accident. Speaking with witnesses, photographing the scene and obtaining accident reports from law enforcement officers can help show that the other party was at fault, which is crucial in order for you to win your case.

Filing a Lawsuit Before the Statute of Limitations Expires:

The last reason it is important to speak with a car accident lawyer in Clearwater is because there is a statute of limitations for personal injury claims. This means you only have a certain amount of time to file a case and if you fail to do so before that deadline, you can lose out on your right to file a case and recover any money for your injuries, lost wages and medical bills.

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