The Key Things That You Need to Know About Getting Chemical Peels

Nov 08, 19 The Key Things That You Need to Know About Getting Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are designed to improve the appearance of your skin. The solution causes your skin to blister and peel off. New skin will eventually grow in the place of the old skin. If you are thinking about getting a chemical peel in Peachtree City, then there are several things that you will need to know.

Am I Good Candidate for a Chemical Peel?

The best candidates for a chemical peel are people who have light skin and light hair. Keep in mind that you may still be able to get good results if you have dark skin. Chemical peels can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions. However, this treatment typically does not work on skin bulges and severe wrinkles.

What to Expect During a Chemical Peel?

You may experience a tingling sensation during the treatment. However, numbing cream can be applied prior to the treatment in order to minimize the discomfort that you may experience. Your skin may look sunburnt after your treatment.

If you get a superficial treatment, then the redness will typically go away within three to five days. The redness can last for seven to 14 days if you get a moderate or deep chemical peel.

Benefits of Getting a Chemical Peel

Chemical peels can reduce fine lines. It can also correct sun damage. It is important to note that sun damage is responsible for 90 percent of premature aging. Chemical peels can also improve acne.

Furthermore, chemical peels can reduce the appearance of acne scars. Your skin care products will also work a lot better after you get a chemical peel.

When Should I Get a Chemical Peel?

You can get a chemical peel any time. However, it is important for you to limit your exposure to the sun and ultraviolet rays after your treatment.

If you are interested in getting a chemical peel in Peachtree City, then you will need to contact Bella Medical Aesthetics at

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