The Right Military Housing in Chula Vista

by | Mar 11, 2015 | Business

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If you are active service USN or USMC being stationed in San Diego, there are excellent housing options available for you and any dependents you may have. Military housing in Chula Vista is available and will fit well into your monthly housing allowance. Finding the best off-base living should be a priority if you have a family. Searching for Chula Vista apartments for rent is not as difficult as you think; in fact, it can be very easy.

The Local Area

San Diego is located on some of the most beautiful beaches along the entire west coast of the USA. The city and its surrounding suburbs offer some excellent opportunities for shopping and dining. There are many attractions in the local area from the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park to museums and the USS Midway. If the great outdoors is your interest, the Sierra Nevada and Coastal Range Mountains are wonderful places to camp and hike.

To the north of San Diego is the city of Los Angeles with all of its attractions. The downtown area offers fun-filled days that the whole family can enjoy. If marine life interests you, then take the family and head to the coast. At certain times of the year, you can see the seals and sea lions when they come ashore.


When you are ready to start searching for military housing, it is best to begin by looking at the distance from your base to the apartment. Traffic can be busy during the morning in San Diego and Chula Vista, so any housing you rent should be within short driving distance to your installation.

Many apartments come fully furnished, which will be important, especially if you have a new family. A fully furnished kitchen is something that is needed. Likewise, having a furnished living room and bedroom(s) is a huge help when renting military housing for the first time. Be sure that the apartment is clean and livable, and free of pests.

Amenities such as a pool will make your time much more enjoyable. Laundry facilities make running a household much easier. All of these items should be considered before renting any apartment. Be sure to check and see what accommodations and furnishings are available to you before you rent. A phone call is a great way to have your questions answered.

Before checking out any other apartment complex, look at Foxwood Corporate Apartments. Just five minutes from the naval installations on San Diego bay and ten minutes from downtown San Diego, Foxwood is centrally located. They offer fully furnished, clean apartments at the best price in town! Give them a call today!

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