The Success Of The Craft Brewery In Oregon

Jun 15, 18 The Success Of The Craft Brewery In Oregon

According to the Oregon Brewers’ Guild, breweries continue to have a strong presence in their state. Nowhere is this more prominent than in the production of craft brews. Statistics indicate the craft brewery is increasingly successful. In fact, in communities such as Portland and Bend, they are at the basis of an entire tourist industry. People from within and without the state visit brew festivals and take part in various “Ale Trail” events.

The Measuring of Success

In Oregon, craft beer continues to be popular. Economically, statistics estimate the percentage of beer accountable to craft breweries to be around 30% of the entire beer sold statewide. Translated in dollars, the amount is close to $195 annually and, in 2016, this translated to approximately $4.49 billion, directly and indirectly to the state’s coffers.

While the number of direct jobs a craft brewery may be responsible is few, the indirect jobs are not. In addition to brewpub service personnel, craft breweries also contribute to the local tourist industry. Craft beer markets are local. Visitors come to certain communities to sample the craft beer.

Craft breweries source the material for their products locally – creating a regional taste – one very specific to their locale. Local and visiting consumers value this approach. They perceive local craft beer as being representational. They see it as providing a specific flavor, quality and variety lacking in brews from larger commercial facilities. These factors are all part of the recipe for a successful craft brewing company.

The Successful Craft Brewery: Standing Out From the Crowd

Craft breweries that succeed are those that stand out from the pack. Competition is fierce. Across Oregon, small craft breweries work hard to establish themselves as unique. Their brew, their method, their ingredients must come together. To make it in this market, a craft brewery must innovate. They also have to focus on the right market.

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