The Trane AC Compressor: An Important Part Of The AC System

Aug 29, 16 The Trane AC Compressor: An Important Part Of The AC System

From its formation later in the 19th century, Trane has though big. Today, they are responsible for producing products built to handle the demands of entire buildings – business, commercial properties and residences. As one author noted, many of the nation’s skyscrapers use a Trane commercial chiller. Their water chilling system, first invented in 1938, has provided the basis for both the past and current models of the Trane AC compressor. This includes the dominant Trane helirotor compressor.

They also provide AC units for typical residences as well as manufacture:

  • Furnaces
  • Heat pumps
  • Geothermal systems

However, Trane has built its solid reputation on commercial and not residential ventures and installations.

The Compressors: Part of a Trane AC System

Trane does not produce compressors as solo units for the AC units of other companies. Its focus is on producing a quality AC system to be sold under their own name. In AC units and systems, Trane spends considerable time and expense on the compressor. Their belief in the quality of this particular AC component is indicated in the length of the warranty. For models such as the XL 201 and the XL 6i, both high-end models, the warrant is for 12 years. For many of the mid-range AC units, the compressor warranty is for 10 years. This includes the XK15 and the X3B14. The same warranty period for a Trane AC compressor is provided for the lower range or budget-wise products. This includes the XB13 and the X3300.

Single or Dual Compressors

One feature common to many Trane AC units is the dual compressor. In models such as the XL 201, the unit possesses not a single compressor but two. While a single compressor does perform its function adequately, some believe the addition of a second compressor increases efficiency. They note that a two compressor system produces variable cooling during those mild and hot temperatures. This reduces the energy use of the unit saving the home or business owner money.

The Trane AC Compressor

If you are interested in purchasing a compressor featuring the highest level of efficiency as well as the lowest emission level, consider Trane’s AC compressors. Capable of withstanding the most inclement environments with ease, this compressor is the best to employ in places where the elements are at their worst. If your company requires a compressor that is durable, reliable and dependable in all types of weather, one of your primary options should be the Trane AC compressor.

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