The Two Most Common Types of Construction Accidents in Kent County

Apr 12, 19 The Two Most Common Types of Construction Accidents in Kent County

Life can be dangerous, especially for those with jobs where hazards are almost always present. While strict adherence to safety rules and careful, attentive work will always help, some in the area every year sustain injuries that were not their fault at all.

Victims of construction accidents in Kent County often end up struggling to recover for months or years thereafter while racking up enormous bills in the process. Getting in touch with a lawyer like one of those at Bleakley Law Offices, P. C. will almost always be advisable in such situations.

Many Dangers Await at Construction Sites Throughout the Area

Construction regularly ranks as one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. Even when other occupations are responsible for more injuries per person involved, the ubiquity of construction ensures that it remains near the top with regard to the total number of incidents.

There are well established best practices that can help minimize the risk of most types of accidents that are common at construction sites. Despite that fact, every year sees many such unfortunate events happening in a variety of places in the area. Most of the injury-causing construction accidents in Kent County that happen in an average year are of kinds like:

  • Falls. Many types of construction require that at least certain workers spend significant time elevated above the ground. Working even ten feet up in the air can expose a construction worker to potentially lethal dangers. Even workers who responsibly use safety harnesses and the like can end up being injured by falls caused by the negligence of others.
  • Impacts. Construction sites often host large, heavy pieces of equipment and supplies. Even a moment of inattention on the part of another person can leave a worker with a serious injury caused by the impact of such a mass.

Area Attorneys Are Ready to Help Victims

Suffering a serious injury while working at a construction site can feel overwhelming. Some who end up in this difficult situation fail to seek out all the support that is available to them. Contacting a local attorney for a consultation will often reveal that there are ways to use the legal system to minimize the damage done.

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