Things to Know About a Shaved-Ice Snow Cone

Everyone likes shaved ice, right? A shaved-ice snow cone is a summertime favorite for several reasons, thanks to its bright colors and delicious tastes. Shaved ice has been a popular childhood treat for kids worldwide for many generations, so for most of us it brings back fond memories of our childhoods.

Shaved-ice desserts come in various textures—from hard and crunchy to soft and melty—and can be enjoyed in a cone, straw, or spoon. They can also be drenched in syrup or have a more subtle taste. Kids have long enjoyed shaved ice and making memories with it.

Started Showing Up at State Fairs

The local fair is perhaps where snow cones are best known; the State Fair of Texas in 1919 is thought to have been the first fair where they were offered for sale. Bert Samuel was the brains behind this, but he didn’t stop there. These sweets were so well-liked that Mr. Samuel not only delighted fairgoers with their deliciousness but he also invented a snow cone machine in 1920 and sold it all over the world.

Different Types of Treats

It should be noted that there are several kinds of shaved-ice delicacies from various places, including the Vampire Penguin. For instance, whereas Snow Balls and a shaved-ice snow cone are made of much more refined, softer ice, a traditional snow cone is formed of more rigid ice chips and is more akin to classic Italian ice.

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