Three Areas of Expertise for an Attorney in Torrance CA

Some people are fortunate in that they never require the services of a lawyer during their lifetime. Other people may run into some kind of issue, such as divorce, crime, or injury, in which they find themselves seeking out an attorney. Choosing an attorney can be hard, and it is important to consider the type of case and representation needed. Three areas of expertise for an Attorney in Torrance CA are family law, criminal law, and personal injury law.

Family Law

One area of expertise for an attorney is family law. Family disputes can be very difficult to solve. Whether it be a divorce, child custody arrangements, spousal or child support, or probate disagreements, family disputes are often fraught with tension and emotions run high. Attorneys who have expertise in family law are skilled in navigating the legal statutes, required paperwork, and emotional regulation of these cases.

Criminal Law

Criminal law is another area of expertise for an attorney. Anxiety and fear run high for a person who is facing criminal charges. The thought of facing a hefty fine, jail time, or both can leave a person feeling hopeless and helpless. When charged with a misdemeanor or felony, it is important to retain legal representation as soon as possible. Attorneys who have expertise in criminal law can protect the rights of the defendant and provide representation that will allow for the best outcome of the case.

Personal Injury Law

The third area of expertise for an attorney is personal injury. Unfortunately, sometimes the recklessness and negligence of a person cause injury to another. The injured party is typically entitled to compensation for their medical bills, wages from missed work, and sometimes even pain and suffering. Attorneys who have expertise in personal injury law can ensure that the injured party gets the compensation that they are entitled to.

Shook & Associates Inc can provide an Attorney in Torrance CA. Whether expertise in family law, criminal law, or personal injury law is needed, Company Name can help. An initial free consultation is offered to all clients, and one-on-one attention is given to each case. In addition, emergencies are responded to within 24 hours. Click here today for more information.

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